Follow This Steps :-
1) Download Whatsapp Beta Version From Here

2)Go to Play store & install personal whatsapp sticker Application .

 You Can Download From Here Also.
3)Go To Play Store & Install Background Eraser Application.
You can Download From Here Also.
4)Make Png files using Eraser application & move that Png files in internal storage’s download folder.

5)Now open personal sticker application & add that stickers in your updated whatsapp by clicking on “ADD” button.

6) Now open your Whatsapp & go to emoji section & there you can find sticker option available.
7)By clicking on any stickers that you have made its ready to send to your friends.
(note:- minimum 3 stickers required in storage to add in whatsapp)
                                    YOU ARE ALL SET !

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  1. Instaal nhi hota bhai the package be corepted batata h

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